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About Me

Welcome To Clapping At The Sky.

Its an unusual name I know. But it perfectly describes the defining moment that brought me to this blog. It was meant to be.

So, who am I and where did the name come from?

Photo of Ali James
Here I am!

My name is Ali and I’m so happy you have come to take a look at my blog. Let me explain:

On a random Thursday evening in 2020, I looked out of my window. What I saw in the street below me took my breath away. Thirty or so of my neighbours, seemingly intelligent, sober people, had come out of their houses to stand in little groups, separated by 6 feet or so. At the stroke of 6pm, in perfect unison, they all started clapping.

Clapping at the sky.

I found it really sinister.

What I realised in that moment is that people had stopped thinking for themselves. It was some kind of mass psychosis. They were doing what they were told – clapping for the NHS – even if it made no sense.

They didn’t care whether or not anyone from the NHS could hear them. What mattered was that they were seen to be clapping. To be doing what they were told. Clapping meant you were a good person.

And this weird ritual, this compliance experiment, had been completely engineered that way.

By the government. By the mainstream media. And, even more frighteningly, by the judgement of their fellow citizens.

Be the dog not the sheep

So, here I am.

So, What’s The Blog About?

Since that day, I have spent a lot of time looking at what we are being told about all sorts of things. And a lot of it doesn’t make any sense.

As Judge Judy so wisely says, if it doesn’t make sense it’s probably not true.

So, by applying a liberal dusting of common sense and a smidgen of ‘I’ve been round the block a few times’, it actually becomes easy to start connecting all the dots. Only then can you see not only what information you are being given but who is really giving it to you – and why.

I believe most people just want to live a free and happy life, doing their best with what they have for themselves and their loved ones. They want to work hard, better themselves and their circumstances and live peacefully and contentedly. Most people harbour no ill will to others and are pretty good eggs.

But what we are currently being bombarded with is nothing more than a diet of misery, doom, guilt, shame and problems. Its as if the powers that be are telling us certain things on purpose.

Why? Well, is it a coincidence that all the answers to these problems seem to involve moving increasing amounts of money out of my pockets and into someone else’s? Could it be that there are reasons why we are being pushed and pulled in certain directions?

Show Me the Money….

The planet’s dying? Buy this expensive car or you’re a terrible person!

Its not your fault. It is the ‘system’ that’s keeping you down. Don’t worry, we’ll get someone to pay for that because they’re all terrible people!

What’s that you say? Bad things happened 500 years ago? Raise taxes – and if you complain its because you’re a terrible person!

You’ve hurt my feelings? Pay up you terrible person!

Well, how about…….NO.

There’s a better way…..

How about let’s all calm down a little bit? Let’s apply some critical thinking, some reasoning and some common sense to these problems you keep presenting us with. Let’s also stop equating blind compliance with moral goodness.

Maybe instead of listening intently to the news and the government and other people, we should start listening to that voice inside ourselves. You know, the one that says all the things you no longer dare say out loud. The quiet voice that reminds you what is right, what is true and what really matters.

The one that can spot “bullshit” at a thousand yards.

Line of stormtroopers with one stormtrooper leaning forward and looking down the line. Describes being different to everyone else.
Stand out from the crowd!

So, what I offer here is simply a place where that quiet voice can be free. A place to review what we are being told about the world and to question it if we want to. A place to say, “Hold on a second. Let me have a think about that”.

Hang on though, surely this can’t be about EVERYTHING happening in the world?

No, of course not. There’s a lot of stuff going on and quite frankly I’ve got other things to do.

But together we will look at mainstream news, current affairs, political and cultural stories and then let that quiet voice inside have its say. Or rather I will write about it and then you can tell me what you think. That’s an important part of this.

Its not always going to be comfortable, it may sometimes be a bit challenging but I hope that you will also find articles that surprise, amuse and intrigue you. I also hope it will encourage you to let your inner voice out to be heard.

Just to be clear, I’m not in the business of conspiracy theories, but I am also not in the business of believing everything I am told by people who may not have my best interests at heart.

And lets be clear, better a tinfoil hat than a blindfold.

What’s In It For You?

All I desire is for you to feel free to be your own person. To know your own mind. And to have your own thoughts. To live your own life.

Even if that means you disagree with me. You can believe whatever you want. All I ask is that you are clear about why you believe it. So many people today are trotting out cliched phrases with no idea what they even mean. Don’t be that person.

We live in extraordinary times. And the bonus here for you is that I have done the hard work and looked at the range of stories going on around the world. So you can just sit back, relax and wonder as I tell you fascinating tales of political intrigue and cultural shifts from all around the world. Then ask yourself the question, “What do I think about that?”

So, not only can you expand your own view of world events, but feel free to use any snippets you find here on a date to impress a potential partner. That’s my gift to you. You’re welcome!

What Now?

Well, if you happen to be someone that stood in the street and clapped at the sky, and still would if given the opportunity, then this probably isn’t the place for you. You’re not ready.

But if you are ready?

Then Lets Go!

I plan on writing a couple of blog posts a month – can’t do more currently as I have another website and a job.

I’ll also be adding a subscription button SOON so keep an eye out. Subscribing will earn you a monthly newsletter with more news stories, some interesting things to think about, personal challenges and much more.

So you are more than welcome to pull up a chair, read a while and see what happens. Even better, go to the Contact Me page and tell me what you think about the blog, request a few topics to cover or share with us all your own individual take on things.

Try reading When Is A Hate Crime Not A Hate Crime to get you warmed up. Enjoy!

Lastly, if you want to know more about me, here is a list of random fun questions I found on the internet……

How long would you survive in a zombie apocalypse?

Not very long I’m afraid. I’m terrible at running. Also, I eat keto so there’s always a strong smell of cheese and I suspect they would want to eat me first.

How do you hang toilet paper, over or under?

I don’t care.

What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

Hair conditioner bottles. They are designed by people who don’t understand that women have small hands. No scrap that, I would ban hair conditioner bottle design software.

If peanut butter wasn’t called peanut butter, what would it be called?

Nut fat.

What song would you choose to listen to continuously all your life?

Blondie – Kidnapper.

Which of your abilities is the most pointless?

I can count up to 10 in Finnish. It has never come in handy.

If you could pick a day to relive over and over again, what would it be?

In 1999 I spent a beautifully sunny Christmas Day in the Falkland Islands on a RIB ferrying Russian sailors from their ship to the mainland and back again so they could have Christmas dinner. Wild dolphins accompanied us all day, playing around the boat and sticking their noses out to be stroked. It was magical.

What’s the first thing you’d buy if you won the lottery?

A Winnebago and a trailer. I would then drive around the world rescuing all the dancing bears. I’m not sure where I’d put them but hey! I’m rich!

That’s enough for now.

Let me know your answers to these questions. Thanks for dropping by.

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